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Who we are

We are customer service experts.And enthusiasts.

M3 is one of the largest owner-managed full service providers for customer care in Germany. Behind M3 stands a team of warm, empathetic people with the passion to inspire and interconnect. They include more than 1,000 employees at our five call center locations in Europe. This makes us perfectly positioned to act professionally and flexibly on your behalf.

Our aim: To guarantee unrivalled customer service in every situation.

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We are motivated lateral thinkers who have the courage to look for new solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow. Our flexibility makes us the ideal partner for a wide range of company sizes, sectors, activities and business areas. Whatever we are tasked with, our focus is always your added value and long-term relationships with your end customers. We want to inspire customers, partners and employees alike with top service quality and reliability across all levels.

We work with numerous service providers. Through its consistent high quality and flexibility, M3 has stood out for years and is commissioned with an ever-increasing number of services. Competent exchange at eye level has created a long-term partnership with synergy effect.

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