20 years Multi-Media-Marketing GmbH

Mönchengladbach - May 25, 2022

Multi-Media-Marketing GmbH Mönchengladbach celebrates its 20th anniversary.
In these 20 years, the company has made an amazing development.

The brothers Daniel and Meik Hüllenhagen founded the company on May 16, 2002. How they, as owners, have experienced these 20 years, you can read in the following interview.


What were the decisive impulses for founding Multi-Media-Marketing back then? What was your vision?

Daniel: Both of us had been working in call centers for a long time in addition to our studies and training, and we thought to ourselves that so many things at our employers at the time were not going as we imagined, that we wanted to and could do better. No sooner said than done! That was the birth of M3 and everything else is 20 years of history.

When you look back, what were the most defining moments of the last 20 years?

Meik: I think every moment is formative. There were ups and downs, without which we wouldn't be who we are today. You are shaped by moments, people, challenges and everything you experience. There was so much that I couldn't say these are the moments.

What makes M3 stand out? What is your concept for success?

Daniel: I think a big part of our concept of success is to have never stopped questioning ourselves. Everything around us changes every day and we also have to change again and again. Only if you question yourself critically, you can provide the best service for your employees and customers. In addition, it is also part of our concept for success that we, as a family business, always stand behind everything we do every day with full commitment. That's the lifeblood that makes us special.

How has the industry developed since the company was founded?

Meik: The industry, the company, the challenges, everything has changed and is in constant flux. When we started out, for example, we always had to make sure there was enough paper in the fax machine, both for us and sometimes for the customers. Also, today there are many more regulations and customers hardly value 24-hour service. Back then, my brother and I often celebrated New Year's Eve together in the office, because on 01.01. at 0:00 a new project started and we had to test the line. No matter how much everything changes and how much technology is added, nothing replaces people. So you can say the most important thing is our people.

What has been the biggest challenge so far?

Daniel: For me, there has never been one, big challenge. Building, running and growing a business is a constant challenge. Over time, external circumstances keep changing and you have to constantly readjust to keep both clients and employees happy. Sometimes you succeed very well, sometimes it takes longer to find the balance again.

What issues will occupy M3 in the long term? What do you wish for the company in the future?

Daniel: M3's long-term concern will be to drive steady, healthy growth, because a rolling stone gathers no moss. We want to continue to drive our presence at home and abroad and continue to offer our customers the best possible service. My wish for the future is that such great people continue to work for M3 and that we work together towards the goal of writing another 20 years of impressive history.

Meik: I agree with that and for the future I wish the company a constant development and that we always manage to keep up with the times and push our projects forward.

Here's to the next 20 years!


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