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With over 1,000 employees, five call center locations and diverse customer requirements, we never get bored. Maintaining our leadership when it comes to technology and equipment also keeps us busy. Nevertheless, in everything we do, our focus remains firmly on cooperation and interconnection. Our social commitment extends over several areas to help people and make their lives better. After all, this is what we do best.

Every year, DMEXCO - Digital Marketing Expo & Conference is a highlight for marketing professionals from all over the world. The event not only offers the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and technologies in the industry, but also gave us the chance to do good.

M3 bekennt sich zu Basisprinzipien im Bereich Menschenrechte, Arbeit, Umwelt und Korruption. Wir unterstützen mit unserer Unterschrift die UN Global Compact und ihre 10 Prinzipien. Doch worum handelt es ich dabei genau?

We never imagined it would be possible – M3 was able to recover and positively retain so many lost outbound customers that we now generate annual sales of more than 2 million from these customers alone. What started as a pilot project is now a key pillar.

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