M3 - Werte Frau mit Konfetti

How we tick

Values and corporate culture

To create real added value, you need real values first. M3's ability to inspire people thrives on a solid corporate culture shaped by trust and mutual respect. This results in long-term customer relationships, happy employees and strong, committed teams.

These are the values we uphold together – and something both our customers and staff can count on:


Our enthusiasm creates strong bonds – between consumers and the companies we work for. And between us and our customers, partners and colleagues.

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We can inspire people. Consumers, our customers, employees, partners and suppliers. We have the necessary knowledge and experience, an optimal range of services and the right culture to impress people with our actions and presence and win them over for ourselves and our customers.


Our empathy creates trust and long-term connections

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We are compassionate. We possess tactful sensibility and always consider the needs and wishes of our and your customers from their point of view. We want people to feel that we understand them, take them seriously and really want to help. Our actions are genuine and warm.

Effective networking

Our flair for networking makes us a solid partner at eye level

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We connect with other people and respect their views and needs. We know how to unite problems with solutions. We bring new technologies to familiar challenges. And we form lasting links – with customers, partners and employees.


Our courage is what drives our determination and makes sure we never stop moving.

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We follow our path with steadfast resolution. We are not afraid of new things, whether digitization, new locations or the major challenges of our customers. We tackle things head-on and make a success out of them.


Our flexibility makes us the ideal partner for a wide range of company sizes, sectors, activities and business areas.

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We are flexible and adaptable. We can react quickly. Because we are independent in our business decisions. Because we are always ready to learn more. And because courage is much more than a catchword for us. Our independence means we are free to make our own decisions and embark on new paths. We follow our passion to develop and adapt new approaches.


Our reliability transforms consumers into brand ambassadors and our customers into long-term partners.

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We keep our promises. We serve our customers with confidence, care and consistent quality in all processes. We are faithfully committed to our employees and partners. Our passion is palpable.



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