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Why training at M3 is worth it

An apprenticeship in dialogue marketing or office management is never boring.

With us, you are a salesperson, service angel, confidant, problem solver and brand ambassador in one. You'll learn about people, technology, dialogue, marketing and business processes. Unlike apprenticeships in industry or retail, you won't be limited to one single sector here, but will rather gain experience in a wide range of areas.

You're the perfect match for us if:

  • You like people and find it easy to empathize
  • You are open-minded with good communication skills
  • You'd like to gain diverse insights into an array of different fields

Do you have questions about a training position?

Stefanie Braun
M3 - Ausbildung Frau zeigt die Richtung

Compassionate with heart and soul

M3 - Menschlich und mit Herzblut

At M3 you'll be part of a dedicated team that will support and encourage you and your strengths. Where your opinion is welcome and you can assume responsibility. You'll learn how to act professionally, make your own decisions, deal with people and negotiate constructively.

Post-apprenticeship prospects

M3 - Ausbildung Entwicklungsperspektiven nach der Ausbildung

We support you with qualitative further training courses and sessions and coach you through regular staff appraisals. As an owner-managed company, nurturing our own stablemates is important to us. We love to take on our own apprentices and prefer to occupy our management positions from our own ranks. Regardless of where you come from, your drive and initiative will open all doors for you here.

But even if you choose not to stay with M3, an apprenticeship in dialogue marketing or office management is guaranteed to provide you with a multi-faceted insight into countless sectors and processes. With us, you won't just learn interpersonal skills, but will also gain a professional qualification to enable you to make your mark anywhere.

International or just around the corner

Our call center locations in the Netherlands and Austria give you the opportunity to work internationally. Our call center location in Maastricht, for instance, is managed by one of our former apprentices.

Sparked your interest? M3 offers the following apprenticeships:

  • Dialogue marketing management (m/f/x)
  • Office management (m/f/x)
  • System integration IT management (m/f/x)
  • Dialogue marketing service agent (m/f/x)
  • Student traineeship (m/f/x)
  • Integrated degree program with various universities (e.g. Bachelor of Business Administration) (m/f/x)

M3 accompanied us all the way from a start-up to an international fashion label. We were able to depend on competent advice whenever required and thus establish an extremely high-quality and scalable customer service model for several countries.

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