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The M3 call center in Viersen Dülken


Our call center in Viersen Dülken joined the M3 group network as its second location in 2003 and represents a strong, inbound-focussed sister site to the headquarters in Mönchengladbach. The former administrative building for the traditional textile company Gierlings at Viersener Strasse 93 now hosts some 70 workstations distributed over 650 m2 on two floors.

The site establishment aimed to enable the company's timely entrance onto Viersen's employment market whilst ensuring the regional strengthening of the brand. All in keeping with the slogan "We come to you."

Our call center in Viersen Dülken specializes in medium-sized projects, particularly in the fashion and e-commerce sectors. A scalable greenhouse model offers a special customer service solution for start-ups. Clients who are new to outsourcing will also find comprehensive advice and a competent pilot partner here.

Location management

The location is managed by Aleksandra Hoffmann, who has been with the company since its foundation and completed her apprenticeship there.


M3 Multi-Media-Marketing GmbH

Viersener Str. 93
41751 Viersen

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The team at M3 not only impresses our end customers, but also masters challenging initialization times and volumes with huge personal dedication and short channels.

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