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Customer service with heart and soul

Let's be honest – our performance is exceptional, but so is that of some of our competitors. Our crowning glory is the M3 heart and soul. The what? It's our deep passion and the philosophy that shapes our entire company – simply because we embrace it in every last detail.

Ask us about our heart and soul!

Meik Hüllenhagen

What does heart and soul mean for our customers?

If we can do it, we perfect it. 
If we haven't tried it, we give it a go. 
And if we promise it, we stick to it. 
We want to offer the very best customer service imaginable.

Our strengths are our empathy and connectivity. 
People feel that we understand and respond to their wishes, requirements and moods. 
Calmly, competently and flexibly.
 Customized assistance with universal quality standards. 
We put our heart and soul into everything we do for them and form strong connections. 
Wherever customers are, we find the right way to reach them. 
And in order to ensure that their feeling of being understood gives way to a true sense of trust, committed dedication is called for. 
That's why you can count on us at all levels.

How do we create heart and soul in our call centers?

M3 - Herzblut in unseren Call Centern Jubelnde Mitarbeiter

We guarantee our service quality through the careful selection of empathetic and qualified employees, intensive training and regular quality inspections – like most others, too. What makes us stand out is our corporate culture. As an owner-managed company, M3 is characterized by personal commitment and trusting cooperation. We embrace these values both externally and internally. We not only talk to your customers, but also to each other. Our teams are made up of people who are dedicated to working together and helping others – all the way from management to our customer service team. We go far beyond the norm to create truly welcoming, ergonomic workplaces where people enjoy being. We carry out our own sound tests, develop tailored workplace concepts and invite our employees to have a say in which equipment they like working with best. We train our apprentices with the same passion we have for our profession.

It's the sum of all the little things we do to make everyone happy – and that's something you can't put a figure on. But it can definitely be felt in the air – come and see for yourself!

Inbound services were always a necessary evil for us. But thanks to its outstanding expertise and enthusiasm, M3 has become a strategic partner we are delighted to recommend.

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