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Inbound marketing service

Inbound represents one of the most important points of contact between people and your brand. Whether people call or write to you, whether they want to make a comment, place or cancel an order, ask a question or lodge a complaint – the first impression counts. We dedicate our heart and soul to ensuring that your dialogue ends with happy customers who look forward to returning.

We work together with you to design the best customer service experience for your customers – from customer management through sales and distribution all the way to invoice processing. We help you to exploit the full potential of inbound for your marketing and sales. And we inspire your end customers in daily contact.

Benefits of our inbound services

  • More customer satisfaction through direct availability
  • Flexible bridging of high call volumes or staff shortages
  • Increased brand loyalty through a positive customer experience
  • Increased sales through optimized dialogue and sales
  • Free capacity for your core competency

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Aleksandra Hoffmann

Aleksandra Hoffmann

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Customer care

For us, customer care means looking after your customers. Our 360° customer management covers all areas of customer service from call center tasks to social media management.

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Order acceptance

We process your customer orders in a friendly, compassionate and efficient manner. If required, we can also bring our sales expertise to the table. We are distinguished by a high level of process reliability – something we are explicitly praised for time and again. It's all in our passion for detail, you see.

Appointment service

We always find the ideal appointment for your customers. What is it we do differently? Every single instance of customer contact is equally important to us. This means that simply arranging an appointment becomes a representative service experience.

Complaint and claim management

If there's a spanner in the works, the shirt doesn't fit or a customer is looking for improvements, we deal with the matter calmly and appropriately. Our aim: However big their disappointment, we want to take this as an opportunity to convince your customer otherwise.

1st and 2nd level help desk

A fresh start often helps, but not always. And if it doesn't, we're always on hand to help. Do you need remote instructions for a software application or instructions for online photo book creation? Our knowledge database is much more than a technical component. Through intensive specialist training courses, we work together with you to develop the IT customer service concept.

Social media management

With our gift of the gab, we've got a knack for finding the perfect ways to build and maintain your customer relationships on social media channels. High public relevance and fast responses are the foundations of your successful social media presence. We always see ourselves as the external representatives of your company – the positive perception of your brand is our top priority.

Customer finance

We take care of your accounts receivable management and look after your customers' accounting and invoicing matters in a professional and trustworthy manner.

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Accounts receivable management

Accounts receivable management, credit control and credit management, all the way to conditions management – when it comes to financial matters, our service agents have exactly the right blend of empathy and target orientation. Our pronounced tact and focus on finding solutions means we are also able to successfully handle such sensitive topics.

Customer sales

Your sales tasks are in good hands with our inbound marketing teams – our experienced call center agents are guaranteed to impress your customers with their flair and dedication.

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Inbound sales

Whether tariff consultation or the latest household trend, we offer people guidance and help them to find the perfect product. This is how we turn your consumers into satisfied customers.

Up- and cross-selling

Our up- and cross-selling services help you to impress your customers with additional or new products. We carefully evaluate our performance, regularly train our teams and know exactly how to advocate a product. With up- and cross-selling, we create the ideal basis to get your offer to the right customers and let it grow. At the same time, we never lost sight of our colleagues in returns processing.

Customer fulfillment

Together with our reliable specialist partners in the area of warehouse/logistics, we make sure that your goods are meticulously packed and dispatched. We take care of returns and lettershop tasks, too.

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  • Packing
  • Picking
  • Goods dispatch
  • Returns management
  • Lettershop

We pick your goods, pack briefings, process your mail and create hand-written package inserts. It's all part and parcel of our commitment to perfection with a passion for detail. We'd be happy to meet your request for project scaling. We, too, started out small.

The team at M3 not only impresses our end customers, but also masters challenging initialization times and volumes with huge personal dedication and short channels.

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