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Outbound marketing service

Reaching people isn't easy. Through active dialogue marketing, our outbound marketing service supports you in all phases of the customer relationship. We create market analyses and generate leads, awaken interest in your offer amongst both existing and new customers and arrange appointments for your sales team. Whether by telephone, e-mail, post, social media or SEM, we start the dialogue for you and ensure an all-round successful customer experience on your behalf.

We focus on the requirements of your target group and really listen. This way, we help you to remain competitive through better customer understanding.

Benefits of our outbound marketing service

  • Open up new sales channels
  • Acquire new customers
  • Reactivate and inspire existing customers
  • Increase sales quota
  • Maintain and strengthen customer relationships
  • Enhance competitiveness through insight into current customer needs

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Daniel Hüllenhagen

Daniel Hüllenhagen

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Our work in this crucial stage before the purchase focuses on laying the right foundations. Our outbound customer service team are also happy to arrange appointments for your sales force, leaving them free to focus on the negotiations.

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Market analysis/market research

Use tangible data to make the right decisions. Backed by our extensive experience, we create market analysis campaigns that serve as a basis for further activities. We generate empirical research results with meticulousness and objectivity,

closely adapting our services to suit your requirements and plans. We'd be happy to advise you!

Lead generation

From technical data sets to qualified leads – or perhaps we should say: our team turns data into real customers. Lead generation is hard work. Our employees are not only specially trained in communication techniques, but have also learned to harness their frustration as motivation – using their commitment and dedication to lay the cornerstone for long-term collaboration.

Appointment scheduling

Want to get your foot in the door? No problem. Although we can't actually hold it open for you ourselves, we'll make sure you can walk straight through on a fixed date. The first step has been taken, you'll receive a warm welcome and can get to work on wowing with your portfolio. What have we done for you? We've set your opportunity in motion, enhancing your chances with top punctuality, precise information and prospective customers who are already looking forward to your visit. How did we do it? With time, passion and comprehensive communication training.

On Sales

We make calls on your behalf, carry out needs assessments for your products or services with existing and prospective customers and offer them directly if required.

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Existing customer care

To have and to hold ... No, we're not quite talking about wedding vows but our pledge is essentially the same – we make sure your existing customers are actively and warmly looked after. This goes far beyond a mere service promise – for us, it's a matter of course. After all, your customers are our customers; they have invested their trust in us and we cherish, maintain and reinforce this in every conceivable way.

New customer acquisition (B2B/B2C)

You only reap what you sow. It is therefore also essential for every company to attract and gain new customers. (If you're reading this, it's what we're trying with you now.) In order to ensure that your offer bears abundant fruit, we find the perfect soil for it and cultivate it with hard, honest work, dedication, a good helping of perseverance and the steadfast belief in ourselves and your company and portfolio.

After-sales service

Even after the purchase has been made, we continue to care for your customers – we wish them a happy birthday, organize appointments, make sure they are satisfied and do everything possible to guarantee they return time and again.

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  • Follow up to check that all is OK and/or determine any additional requirements
  • Appointment organization
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Welcome calls
  • Birthday calls
  • Retention
  • Churn prevention

We transfer everything inherent to human contact – everything that defines a good relationship – to our dealings with your consumers. Everyone wants to feel welcome or have their birthday remembered. Or honestly asked if they are satisfied with the service or whether there's something that could be done better. For instance, we call customers who have returned some or all of their order for no apparent reason and use this opportunity to generate new orders and improve customer relationships.

And if the relationship doesn't go as planned, we do everything we can to fix it. After all, we see service as much more than mere dialogue – it is our fundamental philosophy of cooperation and interconnection. What makes us stand out? We mean it! We really mean it!


We never imagined it would be possible – M3 was able to recover and positively retain so many lost outbound customers that we now generate annual sales of more than 2 million from these customers alone. What started as a pilot project is now a key pillar.

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