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In order to ensure we can offer you fast, effective and high-quality services, we're also pretty proficient when it comes to technology. Our first-class infrastructure uses innovative, future-proof technology, from smart omnichannel solutions for inbound and outbound and special social media tools to high-performance IT and a unique workplace concept.

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Christian Preuß

Christian Preuß

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Inboundinternational omnichannel telecommunications solution

Customer Interaction Express (CIE) by Avaya is our comprehensive contact center solution. Together with the professional Avaya IP telephony software Integral Enterprise, it creates the basis for unified communication and offers a plethora of services and functions for efficient communication.

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ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) ensures the smooth assignment of incoming calls depending on the project-relevant strengths of the next free team member. The gold standard is our cutting-edge, real-time voice analytics system, which ensures the technically supported quality assurance of calls.

  • AVAYA Aura, in the data center
  • AVAYA Customer Interaction Express as a call center solution for call, e-mail and chat.
  • AVAYA WFO Enterprise
    • Inbound call recording
    • Real-time voice analytics with state-of-the-art speech engine for the technically supported quality assurance, evaluation and comparison of all calls including black and white list function (identification of relevant words in verbal statements to ensure they are included or avoided in conversations)
    • Customer surveys – satisfaction surveys for measurable satisfaction of every consumer contact
    • Conversational IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
    • https request handling and web interface for connection to third-party systems operated by clients (CRM, billing, logistics, etc.)

Outboundmultichannel outbound software

Our ttCall Professional CRM software is perfectly tailored to the diverse requirements of a project-oriented call center and enables us to carry out complete inbound or outbound projects in just a few hours. Supplemented by the ttPhoenix Predictive Dialer, the ttCall outbound CRM software ensures the automated structure of telephone calls at our call center locations. For our customers, this means high availability, added value through existing data records and effective capacity utilisation.

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In order to give you an overview of your project at all times, the system generates immediately qualifiable and quantifiable project results and various statistical representations.

  • Coaching and mentoring function for quality assurance
  • Calendar synchronization (example: with sales force)

TTPhoenix – the dialer

The dialer provides our employees with continuous customer calls across locations. Using a sophisticated algorithm, new calls are set up by the dialer in the background even before the end of the effective call processing time – resulting in impressive time savings for highly efficient projects. Permanently unavailable connections are also automatically sorted out.

  • Intelligent call routing
  • Call blending
  • Channel-separate multiple call recording
  • IVR and DTMF tone detection
  • Hardware-supported predictive dialling

Digital customer servicesocial media solutions

We also ensure a successful customer experience at digital touchpoints, whether we are tasked with the efficient processing of social media comments or intelligent chat solutions. We achieve evaluable results and satisfied customers. We'd also be happy to use existing customer systems on request.

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Multi-social media profile handling for processing comments on customer pages.


Uniform, professional e-mail and chat management with chatbot function, text qualification and routing as well as video chat functionalities.

Data center and connection

Thanks to our TÜV-certified, high-performance data center and excellent connection to our call center locations, you can count on the highest levels of availability, smooth data processing and top-quality voice quality.

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High-performance, reliable data center

  • TÜV-tested and -certified data center with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001
  • TÜV IT Infrastructure certificate
  • Hosting & Service Provider Silver Award
  • 100% GDPR-compliant

Technical connection of M3 call center locations

  • Redundant MPLS connection (fibre/radio relay and copper-based)
  • MPLS = Multiprotocol Label Switching

Workplaces, acoustics and equipment

Our holistic workplace concept creates stress-free surroundings that are truly pioneering in the call center sector. We have thus enriched our branch with the addition of a cutting-edge working environment usually reserved for high potentials in innovative industries. The result? Happier, healthier and more relaxed employees. The ideal acoustic backdrop reduces strain on our colleagues and enables us to conduct interference-free conversations with customers, complete with optimal call quality.

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  • High-quality table concept, some of which are electrically height adjustable
  • Ergonomic, medically tested and TÜV-certified chairs designed for long-term use
  • Heavy-duty chairs
  • Barrier-free access to workplaces
  • Air conditioning and ventilation
  • Premium, tested acoustic concept with direct and room sound absorption
  • High-quality surface finish, no glare, workplace lighting in accordance with ASR A3.4
  • Exclusive use of premium 2-shell headsets with leather cushions, whistle protection and noise cancellation (Sennheiser, Avaya, Plantronics, Jabra)
  • 2x full HD monitors at every workstation, Samsung digital flip charts (Flip 2) as training media

We work with numerous service providers. Through its consistent high quality and flexibility, M3 has stood out for years and is commissioned with an ever-increasing number of services. Competent exchange at eye level has created a long-term partnership with synergy effect.

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